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Fotis ‘mentor’ Monos… Born and raised in Kavala, North Greece. As a kid, music played a major role in his life. He always had a record on or left the radio playing in the background. From an early age he took music lessons and was fascinated by the piano. Quitting them after seven years is something he still regrets. Growing up he was influenced by R&B and soul music. His first records were totally “black”! The electronic side of music came a few years later when he discovered soulful house music. It was a life changing incident. All these wonderful melodies and mystical beats altered his taste in music forever. He was introduced to a scene where artists like Frankie Knuckles, Louie Vega and David Morales had an impact on huge crowds by simply using their records! He realised that the dj was the single person that made all these people laugh and have fun. That was it…the “bug” of djing was stuck on his heart and mind. He started mixing and making mixtapes for his own pleasure and just a few friends.

At the age of eighteen he moved to Thessaloniki for his studies as a computer engineer. Computers were (and still are!) his second big love. A close friend, who knew his passion about music and mixing, convinced him to start djing. Boom…he finally got the chance to play his favourite music and see other people enjoying themselves. Since then djing and making people come together, dance and have a great time listening to good music is his “purpose of life”, as he often says.

After nearly ten years djing all around the city his musical tastes expanded vastly. Though soulful and “original” house music is still his favourite kind of sound, he is influenced by all the different aspects of electronic music. Anything that could make people smile and dance is in his recordbox! His sets will guide you through soulful vibes and true house music melodies to the dark paths of deep pleasures. Lately he is experimenting with the production of his own work and remixing his favourite artists.

“Whatever happens just put a smile on your face and let’s have some fun…” Care to join him?

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