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Dj Antonio

He bought his first vinyl (Human League:”Don’t You Want Me” 12″) at the tender age of 6 and realised he just got addicted to vinyl! Leaving toy soldiers and trains aside, little Antonio has indulged in record collection from the early 80s till now!

Growing up, he used to gather us girls and boys around and was playing his records to us. This was a magical time, as we all had to go to his house to listen to the new Madonna, George Michael or Boy George records! Through the years, the listening experience got more varied, from pop to rock to new wave to the late 80s early house music…

Antonio’s job at a central record shop was instrumental in these formative years of music addiction, as he had all new releases at his finger tips! In addition, his orders for what was hot at the time, kept us early groupies very very happy

A few years later, Antonio’s living room got too small for all of us, so he started DJ-ing in various clubs and bars across town. Lucky are the selected few who have listened Antonio DJ at the underground dance joints of the time, back in the early and mid 1990′s! Barbara Tucker, Deee Lite, Beloved, MAW, Armand Van Helden, Danny Tenaglia, David Morales (among plenty plenty others) were coming thick and fast, as Antonio’s early repertoire consisted of vocal/ funky/ deep house.

In 1998 Antonio became the resident DJ at the Decadence Club, thus opening a new chapter in his music career. Over the last decade, apart from playing delightful music, he also got his skilled hands on the management of the club, on the teaching and nurturing of new talent with the Decadence DJ School, on the Promotion and Public Relations for Decadence as well as for the new talent!

Antonio has also been able to make his dreams come true by warming up for and meeting some of the biggest names in dance music for the last 20 years! Danny Tenaglia, Digweed, David Morales, Sasha..the list is endless and I will stop name dropping as I am sure you get the picture!

Antonio’s commitment and passion for bringing dance music to the Greek masses was fulfilled during his 4 years managing cmymusic/ heaven records between 2002-2006. Yes he may have been listening to promos and demos as well as tune hunting all across the EU & US and putting this together on dance compilations but his biggest achievement in this arena has been forging an exclusive deal with Eric Morrilo’s Subliminal and Simon Dunmore’s Defected records and releasing their heavenly music on a Greek record label.

Through the years, Antonio has developed a versatile sound and can mix pretty much everything-except trance! He hates it! His passion for music though is still genuine and never-ending and it equals his passion for delivering a fantastic night for all of you who go to the club! Nowadays, Antonio is not only DJing at Decadence and nurturing new talent at the Decadence DJ school but he is also involved with the management of the FeelGoodFactor whose purpose is the promotion of local artists as well as international and home-grown DJs. His passion for music and its development in Greece is unrivalled

If I was to leave all the biographical elements aside, I have one thing to say in conclusion: I may have listened to sets aplenty from lady miss kier to fatboy slim to roger sanchez and mark knight, from simian mobile disco to boy george, from miss kittin and the hacker to lottie, from justice to stuart price, from eric morillo to chus and ceballos and everyone else in between but when it comes down to MUSIC as far as I am concerned, no one mixes the shit better than Antonio! Luv u baby!

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